QuantumReverse is the State of The Art Reverse Mortgage Origination System. Web-based and highly scalable, QuantumReverse is built around a workflow and compliance engine that easily adapts to operations of all sizes.

The Power of Quantum™

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The iPhone made people think differently of what constitutes a phone. It brought a level of collaboration that was inconceivable with the flip-phone. New technologies allow us to think differently of an LOS. QuantumReverse will impact the way people and departments work together, giving companies who use QuantumReverse a strategic advantage.


Thomas Martignoni

Thomas Martignoni

Thomas is the original CEO and founder of ReverseVision, a reverse morgage software company he sold in 2012.
Thomas has a masters in computer science from the Swiss Institute of Technology, an MBA, and over 30 years of executive experiences in technology companies, 10 years thereof in the reverse mortgage industry.
Thomas Martignoni holds multiple patents on reverse mortgage technologies.
"It is great to be back in the industry. I have been missing all of you for the past years during my non-compete!"
Denis Shchasnovich

Denis Shchasnovich

Denis is the chief architect of ReverseVision's software. He was with the company for over 10 years in functions such as as Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer.
Denis has a masters in physics and computer science. He has over 15 years experience in software development and architecture.
"When Einstein postulated the special and general theories of relativity they were highly theoretical with no real-life application in sight. Today billions of people rely on GPS which would deviate over 6 miles per day without taking Einstein's findings into account.
GPS & Relativity by Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics
When I studied quantum physics it was a highly theoretical field with no real use. Today quantum computing brings tangible benefits to real-world problems.
Using the latest technologies to design and develop a system from scratch in an industry and for business processes we are familiar with is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"

Tangible Benefits

Operational Advantage
Thanks to the efficency of QuantumReverse' software.
Tactical Advantage
Due to the agility and flexibility of the software.
Strategic Advantage
Thanks to the flexibility and novel features of QuantumReverses tools.
Reduced Risk
With the builit-in compliance engine and loan tracking technology.


First Loan Closed
2020 Q2
Document Management Live
2020 Q4
Integrated eSign Goes Live
2021 Q1
We have the skills, the proven track record, the motivation, the work ethics and we are well on track to make our vision come through!


Over the past year Denis Shchasnovich and his team evaluated and tested the latest technologies including HTML6, Oracle ADF with Java framework, quantum computing, massive parallel computing, blockchain security, multi-core server-based web technologies and others for their ability to provide tangible benefits to the reverse mortgage industry.
Denis brings a validated portfolio of technologies into the company.
Applying the latest technologies to proven concepts and architectures speeds up development, increases system performance and allows for a highly flexible application, ultimately benefiting our partners.

QuantumReverse Document Service

QuantumReverse offers full document service from prospect to closing documents. Unlike other platforms, QuantumReverse runs the engine on its servers, providing faster service, simple customization and high flexibility. Documents are provided through its proprietary platform and can be viewed in the downloadable QuantumReverse Viewer.
Part of our service team QuantumReverse currently employs 3 attorneys specializing in reverse mortgage laws and regulations. The document service team has jointly over 20 years in experiences in developing, implementing and maintaining reverse mortgage documents.
QuantumReverse Document Service


Current Market Leader QuantumReverse
Systems Supported
Windows Installation required No Installation required, runs in browser
Apple iOS
Windows RT
Native support for Apple new non-Intel Notebooks
Marketing / Sales Features
Cover letters
Adaptive proposal document
Loan simulation
Same product, different disbursement comparison
Priroritization of disbursements
Optimized HECM-Rate lock
Number of people that can work in one loan at the same time 1 Unlimited
Number of loans a user can work with at any time 1 Unlimited
Data loss with concurrent user loan access
Changes in loans instantly propagate to all users
Live dashboard
Milestones to track progress
Semi-automatic underwriting with programmable conditions
Tracks software user actions
Link credit report to financial assessment allowing for intelligent updates
Link lien payoffs to financial assessment
Auto-calculate best compensating factors for financial assessment
"Super-user" that can override fees, rates, principal limit, etc.
"Test-user" that can test product features not available to other users
Interactive Texas closing document review process
Configurable in-application notification
FHA Connection direct interface with document creation
Company self-administration of document packages
Programmable hard-stops prior to pulling docs
User accountability with logging changes
Patented financial assessment worksheet population
Multiple licensing agencies per State supported
State-specific information capturing
Compliance validation of document packages
Safety / Security
Regular security shut-downs
Storage of sensitive data on user's notebook / PC
"Requires storage of sensitive documents in mobile phone to transfer document to system"
Granular user rights
Live reports that update with changes in the loan
Reporting actualization up to over 1-hour delay real-time
Drill-down reports
Multi-spreadsheet Excel export with drill-down
Print cover letter
Edit documents such as cover letter
Average time to generate document package several minutes less than a minute
Auto-recognition of bar-coded documents
Virtual document view
Attach letters of explanation to documents
Configurable document export
Direct scan of documents via mobile phone
Configurable counselor list
Document Management (optional)
Integrated document management
Quick search for documents by name
Virtual document view
Attach letters of explanation to documents
Documents, such as FHA Connection, credit report, etc. in doc management
Configurable document export
Generation of case binder
eSign (optional)
Automatic population of eSign boxes
100% completeness of documents (no hand-filling needed)
Automatic routing to different signers such as borrower, NBS, seller...
Automatic handling of POA, Guardian
Insertion of external documents
Full integration with Document Management
Full support for broker - principal agent - lender relationship
Broker compensation calculation based on rate-sheet
Broker-level specific rates and margins for each product
Lender and broker collaborate at same time in same loan
Automatic calculation for over-disclosure of broker comp
Broker compensation validation before pulling documents
Administration / Configuration
User roles
User rights
Charges and Fees calculated based on the service provider
Fee Aggregation in HUD-1 configurable
Document packages: Sequence, add, remove documents
Settings for key documents such as Privacy Policy and more limited
Real-time loan export through API
SSIS access to reporting
Loan Import through API partly
Loan Update through API

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